How Smiffy Are You? These 8 Questions Will Tell You!

Answer these 8 questions to see if you think like Smiffy!


Teacher gave everyone homework - to keep a DIARY. But how did Smiffy get started?


Would you ever return a hat because it was the right way round? 


Which pet do you think is best?


Has anybody ever told you that you would need instructions for a footrace?


Penny for your thoughts?


Have you ever been woken up by somebody phoning a wrong number?


Which birthday gift would be Smiffy's favourite?


Have you ever gotten confused and gone to work instead of school?

107% Smiffy

You're even more Smiffy than Smiffy! Put the kettle on, it’s time for a fish and chip dance party.

72% Smiffy

Time to memorise the alphabet for a fun paint-by-numbers! You’re nearly almost just about three-quarters Smiffy.

55.5% Smiffy

Go water the plants – but put a coat on, it’s raining! Half-Smiffy is still mostly Smiffy.


You eat the doughnut, but leave the hole. We’re all a little bit Smiffy – being different is what makes life interesting!


You’re not Smiffy at all! In Beanotown, we call that boring! 

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