Personality Quiz: Build the Ultimate Slime and We'll Tell You What You'll Be When You Grow Up!

By using science and an expert panel, we'll tell you what kind of job you'll have in the future. Curious? Take this quiz and find out!

It's time to take the quiz. Are you ready?


Let's start with the basics. What colour will your slime be?


Will you mix anything into it?


What kind of texture will your slime have?


We think you should add something else to your slime to make it unique. Choose one...


Does your slime remind you of anything?


Add an aroma to your mixture...


How sticky is your slime?


In one word, describe your slime!


On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is it?


Give your slime a name!

A scientist examining a lump of slime

You'll be a: SCIENTIST!

The data is in! it seems that your slime was carefully measured and made in such a methodical way that the best job for you would be a scientist – just think of all the cool gadgets in the lab!

An artist at work in the studio

You'll be an: ARTIST!

The data is in! Our findings show that your slime is great to look at and shows that you are very creative. You should be an artist!

A chef with a dollop of slime on his head!

You'll be a: CHEF!

The data is in! Our computer read out says that your slime smells amazing, looks fantastic and shows great flair when it comes to mixing it all up in a bowl. What's for pudding?

A news reader and Dennis the Menace

You'll be a: NEWS READER!

You managed to build your slime without making a mess and you made it while being cool, calm and collected. Perfect qualities for a news reader on the telly, we reckon!

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